Novel Name : A Toast To Lust


  A Toast to
  ABSTRACT: Ava Mendez thought she would have a day just like any other, but a secret photo shoot and a strange onlooker put the beautiful woman face to face to a man who is seductive and unyielding in what he ultimately desires: her.
  — Erotic tale from the “Sins” series —
  When Ava Mendez woke up that morning, she had no idea how her day would roll onto a giant loop, ending up by putting her into very unconventional situations.
  After taking her breakfast and putting out water and food for Sunshine, her pet bird, she picked up the backpack and the large makeup case. She walked for a long while to the subway, looked at her watch, and was sure she had plenty of time to get to the building for the photo session.
  “You’re late!”
  She certainly wasn’t, but she had no intention of confronting her boss.
  “If you were not so good at what you do, you would have been fired already.” And she went on with her critical and piercing look: “If it took you so long to get here, at least you could have dressed a bit better.”
  “I’m sorry, Mrs. Hicks.” She didn’t really feel she should apologize, but there was that hierarchy that she could not go against, and this attitude of professional “submission” was sometimes necessary.
  “It doesn’t matter. Organize your stuff on the mirrored countertop, as I want everything ready for when the models arrive. We have a full day ahead; we will shoot the cover story and the essay for the website. Let’s go Ava! What are you doing, looking at me like a stump? Fast forward!”
  Ava ran to the countertop and promptly took out her working material.
  “Don't worry about that bitch. She is possessed today”, Jana said, resting a sisterly hand on her shoulder.
  “And do you remember the last time she wasn’t?” Ava answered.
  “She is worse today because of the cover.”
  “We have done the cover so many times before, what’s so special about today?”
  “I’m just the photographer, not the snitch.”
  "Isn’t it the cover with top model Jeanny Cardel?”
  "That's the version for the gossip managers on duty, to make the competition believe, but I know for a fact that the one to be photographed today is Axel Burns.
  “Our new big boss?”
  “But, since he bought the magazine, nothing has been said. One issue was published already, and nothing has been exposed to the public, either about the purchase or about him,” Ava noted.
  “Yeah… It seems now he has agreed to be the cover story and they are going to make a whole special editorial.
  “How strange, but at least we know why the witch Keka is on the edge, much above her normal bitterness.”
  “Yes, our big boss will be here, he’s going to be photographed, and everything must be 100% perfect. You got it, right, Lion?”
  “Of course, dear. You know I am your best assistant.”
  “You’re the best because you’re the only one,” Jana joked.
  “Have you seen him? I heard he is sexy,” Ava noted.
  “I haven’t seen him, but someone said he is super sexy,” the photographer went on.
  “Yeah, like a sin, he and also his assistant,” Lion said, smiling. “So bad they are both straight.”
  “How so? Did you see Mr. Axel?” Ava questioned.
  “Just a glimpse. I was going through the lobby, and I saw them. In fact, I first saw that cute round small ass of his assistant and only then did I notice Axel.
  “You don’t waste your time, huh? Already on the lookout for the boss and his assistant,” Jana said, smiling.
  “My dear, I’m not a saint.”
  “Do you get paid to work or just to chat?” Kenya shouted from the opposite side of the hall.
  Quickly the place was filling up with people. Fashion professionals and overly skinny models arrived, with their silky hair and pin-shaped bodies where any piece of clothing would fit perfectly. Ava looked at them and knew she was out of that pattern. She wouldn’t let herself be bothered by that, nor were the models uncomfortable with her being overweight, for the most part Ava was very well treated by them. She was only teased or indirectly approached about her plus size body by her boss or a couple of the magazine directors. However, she was very good at her job, and few had the ability and the know-how to do makeup as she did. Ultimately, Ava became the “dearest darling” of the models, and how could a magazine or director be against that?
  The morning was super busy, everything non-stop, and when they had time for a lunch break the performance director called her.
  "Stay here on the set. They're going to deliver Cardian's looks, and I need you to get them and hang them in the racks.”
  Ava wanted to say that she was not a fashion assistant and that her job was only make-up related. She wanted to say that she was starving and had been standing for six hours non-stop, but she held up, and just answered:
  “It’s fine. After that, can I have lunch?”
  “I hope you brought a snack. You won't be able to leave until everyone returns, or do you believe I'm going to leave those dresses worth hundreds of dollars at the mercy of thieves?”
  “But... what?”
  “Nothing, Mrs. Hicks.”
  “Just as I thought. See you in two hours, dearie.”
  When the "wicked witch of the west" (as Ava secretly called Kenya Hicks) was gone, she wondered if she could look hard enough, among all the costumes’ paraphernalia, and find a pair of magic slippers that would take her to a faraway place, perhaps a magical, sumptuous castle. She smiled. This was too much imagination from fantasy books.
  Ava picked up her cell phone, opened the app, chose her meal, and placed her order.

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